Samascott Orchards is a 4th-generation family-owned farm in Kinderhook, NY that began more than a century ago.

Today, we grow hundreds of varieties of fruits and vegetables ranging from strawberries to kiwi berries and peas to hot peppers, with apples being our main crop.

Our farm is open seasonally for Pick-Your-Own from mid-June through October. 

Thanks to several controlled-atmosphere storage coolers that regulate temperature, humidity, and more, we're able to keep our apples fresh for many months after harvesting.

You can find us at NYC farmers' markets 5 days per week (year-round) selling apples, cider, fresh eggs, meat, baked goods, and any in-season produce we have.

Samascott Orchards Farmers Market

Less than a mile from our farm is our main store and garden center, Samascott's Garden Market, which is open year-round for homemade ice cream, fresh produce, prepared foods, and much more! 

Samascott's Garden Market Ice Cream

We ship all items directly from Samascott Orchards, with care.

Thank you for shopping with us!🍎